Error in Rhino 6 doing the level 2 training materials according to instructions

I’m having a simple error or issue here I’m just wanting to notify Rhino devs about to make Rhino 6 even better. It’s simply that under the chapter titled Modeling with History, near the bottom half of the page, it’s instructing me to use a fillet diameter of 10 which visibly would work OK… but it’s pushing it VERY close to the objects bottom edge and really pushing the limits of what Rhino 6 can do without errors or creating issues to then be resolved (making the darn thing solid… again!). I use a fillet diameter of only 8 (or less) and it then works to keep my object solid. But 10 is in the level 2 training materials and it’s too much. Here the link for exactly what I’m talking about:

Rhinoceros Help

Hello - 10 should work just fine there - can you post your file before the fillet?


before? sureSoft Corners3.3dm (421.3 KB)

I just pulled it to the side using the gumball move, so in case you’re wondering why it’s off it’s wireframe area… cuz I thought that might help, which it didn’t in this case, but it just makes it easier to tell what’s what in the viewport for me that way.

Hello - this is a bug - RH-60428 Filletedge: cleaner if the input is shrunk

If you ShrinkTrimmedSrf the polysurface before filleting, it works - I’ll get this on the pile, thanks for the example.
BTW, by the book, the side surfaces are single surfaces - you get to set the start point on a revolve, so you drag off to one side, click and then drag across to the other side - this way you do not get an edge in the middle.


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Soft Corners5.3dm (670.1 KB)

Yes, Pascal, you were guessing right or happened to talk about why it’s happening. But, not saying it’s not a bug, but yes I did notice that it does indeed work just fine with a revolve surface that isn’t broken up into more parts (even though still exactly the same geometry really). I just didn’t know how to use the revolve tool well enough a few mins ago. But, I’ve figured it out now. Doesn’t matter where you click for revolve angle location… strange, but good. Works like Ortho then. I redid the exercise in that level 2 training section/chapter and found out it does not have an issue when I draw this up in a way where revolves are not split up. Still is an error since the geometry is the same and it looks the same besides it having more things to select.