Fillet Edges & BlendEdges not working

Trying to !_FilletEdge or !_BlendEdge these edges, only 4-6mm or so… but i can’t get it to work!
I am pretty sure all edges are linked, there are a few NakedEdges that touch the edges that i am trying to Fillet/Blend but that’s not where the problem areas are. i have also tried to do them 1 by 1… Help please!

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hard to judge from a screenshot
please post a .3dm file

the areas where filletedge fails to trim the new surfaces are suspects…
check with

also check the overall precision
(what → Edge Tolerance)
hopefully you did not use _joinEdge with adapted tolerance…

and as written at top - post a file to get more feedback


those 2 red edges might be a problem - not allowing a nice corner

workarounds might be:
fillet the blue edges first (with a bigger radius)
fillet the green edges second (with a smaller radius)

fillet with a smaller radius that will allow a nice corner

build the surrounding extrusion as a single surface.
_useExtrusions → Polysurfaces
_extrudeCrv → split at Tangents (Off)

… this is all i can get from the screenshots…


see also here

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