Rhino 6 Grasshopper crashes when when open it, stuck on ghpython loading



Hi, when trying to open grasshopper on Rhino 6, Rhino crashes. The problem appears to be when it’s loading GhPython as on the screenshot below:


I am running Rhino version 6.7.18199.22081. It seems that I can use regular rhino python without a problem, as it made me think that it could be a python issue as opposed to rhino/gh issue. I’ve ran grasshopper before without any issues

Our IT department also uninstalled and did a fresh install and the same issue occurs.


Try updating Rhino to 6.9 however I also got one crash when GH was loading ghpython I clicked on GH splash screen and Rhino process was killed


Blagodaria (thanks) for the suggestion. Updated to the latest 6.9 and it still appears to be crashing when trying to load ghpython. Rhino 5 Grasshopper with ghpython node installed works fine.

(jesterKing) #4

Do you have V-Ray installed?

(Chris Hanley) #5

By chance, do you have any custom complied ghpy components in your libraries folder? (file name ending in ghpy). If you do, try removing them from this folder.
example folder path: C:\Users\chanley\AppData\Roaming\Grasshopper\Libraries

I know you mentioned a fresh install, but it might be worth a check.


Yes, I have V-Ray installed, but disabled at the moment, yet it still crashes


I checked in the libraries folder, and it doesn’t seem that I have any ghpy files

(jesterKing) #8

I think the crash happens when V-Ray isn’t loaded, but the V-Ray GHA is still being loaded.


Thanks for the tip. Yes, when V-Ray is loaded, grasshoppper does seem to work.

Not sure if any of the #vray devs read these forums but it would great if when unloading vray, the grasshopper scripts could also be unloaded.