Crash loading GH

when I try to load Grasshopper Rhino crash (6.0.15132.14591, 12/05/2015, OS Windows 7 64bit) .

Have the same problem now…crashing on GhPython

There is a file to delete, but I forget which. Probably it is related to a GhPython component compilation. You can ask Giulio Piacentino or Steve Baer.

Thanks I already solved it. It was my compiled python component cousins the problem.

I have the same problem, Rhino 6 WIP crashes the moment I load Grasshopper 1. Anyone has the solution? Thanks a lot…
(Windows 10, 64bit, Rhino 6.0.16199.22351, 17/07/2016)

Never mind the problem was elefront.gha after removing elefront it worked :wink:

I also got that but I have a weird popup where I can export or copy the message to clipboard. The message is about not able to find iron Python or something. Will try to remove other plugins to see which one is a problem. And also try copy grasshopper to the component folder.