Rhino 6 Evaluation vs. Rhino 6

Downloaded and installed Rhino 6 Evaluation version before purchasing Rhino 6.

Removed Rhino 6 Evaluation version before installing purchased version of Rhino 6

After installing Rhino 6 and registering software – it still shows version as being Rhino 6 Evaluation.



Same here. I added my new license to my Rhino Account, I uninstalled evaluation version and then reinstalled the new file (I guess there are no differences between installation files) but it still says “Evaluation”. How can we change our license to commercial?

Go to Options>Licenses and press the button “Change license”. --Mitch

Tried this at first. It says “your license has been changed” but when I close and re-open Rhino, “Evaluation” stays at titlebar.

Edit: Now I removed my evaluation license from Zoo. I added the commercial license to our company team account, but Rhino does not see that I am in the team. Says “Add a License or Join a Team”.

Edit: After a couple of tries, now it is commercial. I think we had to give some more time after removing license and restarting Rhino.

Yes. If you had your eval license in the cloud zoo, you must remove it and replace it with the commercial license. You can either add the license in the main account (no team) or create a team and add the license to the team account (two different things). The team is only necessary if you are going to share the license among different users.

Technically this is simply a cosmetic bug in Rhino 6.2 and below. Simply opening up a new document will fix the problem. In Rhino 6.3 and above, adding a license will automatically cause Rhino to display the correct edition.

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