Rhino 7 evaluation instead of licensed

Hi guys,

I installed Rhino on my colleges PC and I added his email into our team license as I’ve done for others. However when I launched Rhino, it shows on the top left as Rhino/Evaluation (89 Days Remaining) although it has been logged in with his account. Could you please help. Thanks

When you start Rhino, it first looks in your Personal licenses. If there is a valid license there it gets used. If there isn’t one, then it goes looking for a Team license.
My guess is if you run the LOGOUT command in Rhino, restart Rhino and login, then it will find a Team license.

Hey John, thanks for your reply. I’ve tried that but it still shows as evaluation version…

Is there an evaluation license in your colleague’s personal account? If so remove that. Or perhaps the evaluation key was installed on their machine locally? If so remove that.

This sort of thing is also common with users have confused themselves with more that one login account.

Take a screenshot of the information in Options > Licenses, and email it to tech@mcneel.com with a link back to this URL.
Don’t post the image here.