Rhino 7 purchase download still says Evaluation version

I purchased Rhino 7 upgrade, uninstalled the evaluation version, downloaded from the link provided, went through the convoluted process of entering my new license number, old license number, username, and password, with apparent success, but when I click on “System” it still says “Evaluation version” along with the date i originally downloaded that version. I’ve repeated this twice now, with the same result.

Hi Ethan,

Sorry about the confusion here. Your Rhino 6 license key is assigned to your Rhino account. Please also assign your Rhino 7 license key there, too. Here’s how:

  1. Visit https://www.rhino3d.com/licenses/
  2. Click your name under Personal Licenses
  3. Click Add License
  4. Enter your Rhino 7 license key

Then, close and restart Rhino. It’ll pick up your new license, and you’ll be on your way.

We hope to massively simplify this process in the coming months - but it’s taking quite a bit of effort to do so. Thanks for your patience!

Hello Brian,. Since I originally posted, I’ve gone into my Rhino account and saw, much to my surprise, that there was no Rhino 7 license #, even though I was queried and entered it several times during my attempts to install. I’m now downloading RH once again and fully expect to go through the same rigmarole.

Since I had just entered my Rhino 7 license to my account, I decided to take a chance and log back in. Success! It now says “Commercial”. Thanks, but it seems that everything I was being prompted to do was unnecessary…

I agree. We’re actively working now to make this licensing workflow simpler and easier.