I've upgraded my license for Rhino 6 but keep running eval version

I just bought the update to 6 and I’ve unistalled the last eval version I had and downloaded the latest link but it keeps running as:
(6.0.18016.23451, 1/16/2018)
Is this the correct version?
License says your license is valid

Hello - in Options > Licenses > Change your license key - enter your new commercial key… does that do it?


I’ve done this:
Options> Licenses >; Change your license key - enter your new commercial key
3 different times and it has not changed the version. I tried uninstalling and re downloading from the server on the last try. From the purchase confirmation email the link downloaded this same file as before: version-6.0.18016.23451, 1/16/2018.
Under Options>Licenses it still says Rhinoceros 6.0 Evaluation.


Hi James, we’re working on this confusion now. Here’s what has happened: You have both an evaluation license and a commercial license in the Cloud Zoo. Rhino is showing the first license key you added (the evaluation) even though you added the commercial license.

Here’s how to fix it:

  1. Vist https://www.rhino3d.com/licenses
  2. Remove your evaluation license key
  3. Start Rhino
  4. Type Logout
  5. Start Rhino again

Now Rhino should look correct. Please let me know if that’s not the case.

Or, you could just ignore it, as the eval is a valid license and it will sort itself out when the eval expires.
When it expires, your Rhino will use the new one. The only difference between using a permanent license and an unexpired license, is the Rhino application Windows says “Evaluation”.

That said, I get it.
When you buy a new pair of shoes, most people want to wear them walking out of the store.

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Thanks Brian and John-
I’ll try the fix.
Actually I just wanted to make sure I had the latest version because I was trying to report a dimension bug! I’ll go back up a step and repost to report that.

Yes this worked. But now I have a further question. I get from John’s post that this is the same version as the eval but will it update with the same regularity as the eval version? Or do I need to watch the forums for the latest release candidates and bug fixes?

Eval and Release are IDENTICAL. The eval is a timed license and a permanent license is not.

In Options > Updates and Statistics, the default update frequency is “Service Releases” I’d recommend you leave it there.

If you report or read about a bug and also read that it will be in the next Service Release, you can chance the frequency to Service Release Candidate, to get the current fixes a little sooner, but that’s a bit of a risk.

Keeping your updates set to “Service Release” will give you only the most stable versions of Rhino 6. If you’re interested in testing the release candidate builds, you need to change to “Service Release Candidate” - that choice is yours. For details, see Rhino 6 for Windows Service Release Candidates