Rhino 6 For Windows - Licensed & Registered The Software But License Info Reads - Evaluation

I recently purchased one commercial upgrade license of Rhino 6 for Windows from version 5. I installed my copy of Rhino on Windows 7 which I installed within a virtual machine on my iMac using Parallels Desktop. After completing the installation and registration of the application, I checked the license information that is seen at startup. It reads as follows:

Logged in as Steve S
Version 6
(6.3.18090.471 3/31/18)


Why is my licensed copy of Rhino 6 for Windows (which I downloaded on the Rhino3D website from the link provided after payment) categorized as an “Evaluation” copy?

Additionally, this is the other license validation information shown within Rhino:


Just a FYI about

This isn’t a supported platform, as mentioned on System Requirements.

Wrt your license if you use the Cloud Zoo with your Rhino account I think once the evaluation runs out the system should automatically switch to your full license. But you should be able to remove that eval license from your Rhino account, too.

Thank you for your assistance with this, Nathan. Greatly appreciated.
I deleted my Rhino 6 evaluation copy from my Cloud Zoo and added my Rhino 6 For Windows commercial license.:+1: