Rhino 6 Crash - Mac

Is any else having issues with Rhino 6 constantly crashing… I am working with a model I have been working on in Rhino 5 and I never had any issues…

Run the SystemInfo command in Rhino 6 and return that text in a reply or email it to tech@mcneel.com. If you can also provide a 3dm model and the steps before the crash that can also help troubleshoot why you’re crashing. In general, Rhino 6 has greater graphics requirements so you may just need a macOS update to get the latest drivers.

I have had more frequent crashes in Rhino 6 than Rhino 5. I cannot say that they occur often. They tend to occur when doing totally innocuous things, suggesting corruption of some kind.

The Intersect hang has gone away in V6. My suspicious that was caused by something OS related/