Rhino 6 for mac crashes after upgrade when I open a new file

I have a problem in opening my Rhino 6 on Mac.
I made an update today on the latest version and it crashes every time I open it.
After reinstalling rhino, the problem is still there.

Do you have any ideas how I could solve this problem?
Thank you.

Does it crash when you open Mac Rhino, or when you open or start a new model?
Are you running an old MacBook Air?

problem solved. i had to update my IMac to the newest maOS Catalina, then the newest Rhino 6 version works perfectly! thanks

I have the same problem with the test version. Trying to start or open a file and it just crashes right away. But I don’t want to upgrade to Catalina. Is there another way to solve this problem? Otherwise it hard for me to buy R6.

You could try restarting your Mac and resetting the Plist preferences file for Rhino (https://wiki.mcneel.com/rhino/mac/resetprefs) If it is file specific, you could also try importing that file into a new blank document. It may be the display mode the file was saved in that is causing the crash with your hardware and drivers (which come from macOS).