Rhino 6 crahes

Hi Rhino Developers

My Rhino files keep crashing. This applies to my 2 latest incremental saves as well as the autosave.

Please see the audit report below.

This is definitely not the first time and I have lost quite a bit of work. Is rhino 6 stable enough ?

audit.txt (3.4 MB)

“38972 objects with 973 plug-in data items, 51631942 bytes (offset 826872 to 52458814”

I am just another forum member, but just as a curiosity, what do you have for a computer?

Until this is sorted out, Rhino3D does have an auto-save feature where you just set it for how many minutes of work you might be agreeable to loosing. If there is a particular command that crashes your system, it may be set to auto-save before executing that command.

Perhaps lowering your undo memory might help.

Hi Brenda

It is a bootcamped Macbook pro. I have worked on much bigger files on Rhino 5.

The geometry isn’t very complicated and when the file was open my computer was not struggling at all. Its just since the crash and what also concerns me

Personally, I think its one of the plugins. I was working with someone last month who had a beast of a machine and was having similar problems with Rhino 6.

I have sent several crash reports to Rhino but I have not really got much of a response. So I was hoping that reaching out through the forum could help.


I’m going to guess that this is VisualArq. Can you make sure you update to the latest version and try again?

There were some saving and crashing errors in early versions of VisualArq for Rhino 6, but i believe they are fixed now.

  • Andy

Hi @seanSpace,

Can you please send me one of those files to visualarq@asuni.com? I’ll check if it’s a VisualARQ issue.

There is a known crash in VisualARQ 2.2.1 and it is already fixed in VisualARQ 2.2.2, which is not yet public, but you can download it from the following link:
https://www.dropbox.com/s/7elqmyb9ngimj3f/VisualARQ%202.2.2.zip?dl=0 2


Thank you Enric just sent it. Hopefully you can save it. Please let me know.

Ill update my software thanks.

Hi @seanSpace,

I’ve received the file and I can confirm I can open it without crashes on VisualARQ 2.2.1 and Rhino 6.6, the last published versions.

Which version of VisualARQ are you using?

If you’re using VisualARQ 2.2.1, then I think the crash is not related to VisualARQ. That may be the reason I haven’t received any crash reports from you.



Hi Enric

That’s great news.

I am using Varq

How do you update Varq using the drop box file?

I can’t see an installer or even a readme file with that file I downloaded from Dropbox.

Rhino doesn’t recognize it either, so I cant install it like a normal plugin?

I’ve recently migrated to windows from mac so its all a bit tricky for me at this stage

The dropbox link is a zip that Francesc Salla uploaded to his account.


I know I downloaded and then I opened it and got to 2 options See below :

What do I do now?

Hi Enric

I managed to open the file. I was downloading it via the browser instead of through the drop box down loader.

I have installed it but unfortunately the file does not open and crashes as soon as I attempt to open the it.

Are you able to open the file with Rhino started through the safe mode shortcut?


I managed to find an autosave in my recycle bin that wasn’t too old.

I didn’t realize that Rhino autosave sends old auto file saves to the bin.

I’ve been incrementally saving so I had all these rows of autosave’s in the bin like good little soldiers. :grinning: