Rhino crash big issue

Two times rhino 7 last release has crashed losing some hours of my work…this is the message:

Worst of all it made many autosave versions of the file that in the location don’t exsist. No comment

Hello- please comment - what do you mean, exactly?
Can you please run SystemInfo` in Rhino and Copy/paste the results here?
Were you able to save the file after the message you show?


sys.txt (3.0 KB)

Today it’s a nightmare!! Minimum 4 times crash! I need to save each 10 minutes because after the crash there are no autosave files. There are some rhino commands that crash (i.e. simply offset curve on the surface - 2 times; a boolean subtraction surface/extrusion and another one that I can’ìt remember) . Until yesterday no problem

Did you check your recycle bin?


Can you disable or uninstall Vray? Its been causing some issues with certain commands lately. They are working on (and may have) a fix.

Hi Japhy,

I’ve found one autosave file in the recycle bin…after I redesigned all…anyway now I know it. But each time that rhino autosaving it erase the previous autosave version?

Yes, I’m using Vray (50% of my work) so I can’t uninstall it.

Vray has been crashing Rhino during intersect/contour commands, this would be first i’ve seen for Solid Boolean operations, but could be related.

Hello- if you disable Vray in Options > Plug-ins page and then close and reopen Rhino, does the problem go away? If so, then, make sure you have the latest Vray installed and re-enable the plug-in of course - if the problem persists and it is clearly related to VRay, then please also contact Vray support.


I just searched the crash reports for OffsetCrvOnSurface. There are quite a few, and every one is a VRay crash.

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Could you have a temperature problem with your system, while rendering.
Are you monitoring the memory?

BTW, for Windows, I uses OpenHardwareMonitor. You can go through, and check all the things you might want shown on your desktop.