Rhino 6 (Beta) Rendered View

Hi All,

I’m testing the current Rhino 6 Beta, and I’m disappointed that its still impossible to create a simple hidden line display mode view with crisp shadows. I know this has been brought up in earlier threads, but I don’t understand why its so difficult to create a simple rendered view which is achievable in free(inferior) programs such as Sketchup (Open GL) / microstation (Direct X) etc. !!
It appears that Sketchup uses the same version of OpenGL (4.5).

See attached example.

Shadow Settings (effectively on maximum)
Shadow Settings|602x500

My Graphics Card
Graphics Card


Thanks for the post, can you try adding your example images again, I can’t open them from your original post to see what you’re after. Any example screenshots of what you want to see and a sample model would be great too. Thx

Brian -

Hi !

I don’t see any re-uploads of the images and can’t open anything from the supplied links, either. NOW, consider- in SOME sites (every one I’ve_ encountered), if there’s a link then the file WAS uploaded. Where it doesn’t open, its almost always on the site-side and not the up-loader side. Any way to make these available ? I’d LIKE to see if they represent an occurrence of the same phenomenon barring my moving to -6 ?

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Hi Brian,

Thanks for your response.

See link below for the initially posted images:

Shadows within the view

Shadow Settings

Are your objects very far from origin? If so, select everything and Move to 0,0,0. Does that help?

I can’t see the first image from the links. The site flickers into a bunch of ads and pop ups so I may be doing something wrong but I can’t see what you uploaded. Can you use copy and paste in a reply to add the images directly to your post? Or use the image to upload the jpg.

The project is modelled at the origin.

See upload.

Is it possible to have things such as “silhouettes” available within the rendered view settings?
With the new ambient occlusion, it would also be useful to control the radius of the ambient occlusion.

Thanks for the screenshots. Try clicking Restore to Defaults at the bottom of the Options page for Rendered mode then click OK to save the options change. Next, in the Rendering panel to the right, click Reset to Defaults to use the default Rendering settings. This will include the skylight shadows. If the shadow edge quality is still aliased as you’ve shown after these changes, check if there is a newer driver available for your AMD FirePro W7100 graphics card. Any luck?