Real time shadows in rendered display mode

How can I get the rendered display mode to show more or less accurate shadows while I’m working on a model? What I see in rendered mode has shadows that are simplified, somewhat random looking, and sometimes missing. If I go to the rendering tools and click the blue sphere “render” button it opens a separate window that renders the image accurately, though very slowly. Any way to improve what I see in real time?

Can you upload a screenshot?

What GPU are you using?
GPU software has a control panel that usually has default rendering settings. You can increase the quality from there:

Did you try to look into View > DisplayMode > Rendered > Shadow ?


Screenshots attached. GPU is NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M. GPU controls set to max quality. Shadows turned on. Note that shadows of red letters (visible in rhino render) are not present in perspective viewport. All objects and materials set to cast and receive shadows. Rhino version 6 SR18, updated 8/27/2019. Windows 7 64-bit machine with 2.40 GHz Intel i7-4700MQ CPU and 16GB RAM.


whoops, forgot the uploads. here they are

Hi Matt - could you post the 3dm file with just the red words and the green backdrop?

Here it is. Thanks for your help.

I have the same gpu in my macbook that runs Windows 10 in bootcamp and this is what your file looks like when I open it:

Thanks. How does it look on your macbook if you render it?

This is the other side, I just opened the file and screengrabbed on that first image :slight_smile:

Rendered and OpenGL:

Thanks! You get nice looking shadows in OpenGL and I don’t – do you have any thoughts as to why that might be?

Two things you might check,
Skylight might be too bright, turn it off just to check if you shadows are being blown out
Or go into the display mode you are using and in options up the shadow slider to get sharper shadows,
Also sometimes the ground plane doesn’t receive shadows as nicely as a real plane could try that as well.

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I think your system isn’t using the nVidia card. It’s probably a dual card setup which has a low end intel graphicchip too, and Rhino has never truly mastered the art of using the right one. So go into the advanced settings of the nVidia driver and add Rhino (or adjust Rhino settings if present) and then scroll to the bottom and set the “Primary OpenGL Graphicprocessor” to the nVidia card.

(I don’t have a profile for Rhino on this system (My workstation) since I only have one GPU, so excuse me using “Adobe Acrobat” as an example :slight_smile: )


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Thanks a million! NVIDIA settings fixed this and at least one other problem I’ve been having.

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