One Rhino license, One user but 2 computers (one laptop and one computer)

please could you confirm me it’s possible to used 1 Rhino license on 2 computers with only 1 user.

Yes. But not simultaneously. --Mitch

As a continuation of this question; I currently have Rhino installed on my laptop (which I use ALOT) and my desktop at home (which I never use).

I want to start using Rhino/Grasshopper at work, and it’s not always convenient to use my laptop (dataflow) could I uninstall at home then install at work and still be compliant?

Would still obviously only use either work desktop or laptop not-simultaneously…

Yes, no problem, you can install one license on as many machines as you want, as long as the license is not in use on more than one machine at a time. So you don’t actually need to uninstall Rhino from your home desktop.

HTH, --Mitch

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Wooh! That’s even better! :slight_smile:


I also have Rhino 6 installed on desktop and laptop. I normally use the desktop, but I am taking the laptop offsite to use, but where I will be has very spotty internet. Do I need to log in to Rhino on the laptop before I leave the office (as I’ve been using the desktop) , or will the laptop installation work ok without the internet?