Rhino 6 Autosaves Going To Recycle bin

Rhino 6 appears to be moving old Autosave files to the recycle bin once they get overwritten. Is this likely to be a setting I have selected?


Hello - that is default behavior in V6 - you can turn it off in Options> Advanced > filter for “Autosave”


Cool, thanks Pascal.

I think I like it, an extra backup in case. Just need to remember to empty the recycle bin more often :slight_smile:

That is what I do - there is also a setting to not save multiples in the recyle bin, just the most recent one, but so far here that fails, unless I am misunderstanding what it is meant to do.



Yes, i saw this setting too. I’ve set it as false so will see what happens.

Nope, the multiple saves to recycle bin still happens with it set to False.