Rhino 6 saves "Autosave file" to Rhino 5 Appdata

Rhino 6 saves “Autosave file” to Rhino 5 Appdata by default. I created a Autosave folder in Rhino 6 Appdata and changed it in Options>Files. Haven’t had a chance to check if that worked yet.

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FWIW, on my system, the autosaves (by default) are written to:


I’m not sure what would have caused it to be a different directory on your system.
At any rate, any changes that you make to that file location should be fine. Of course, do let us know if you run into any problems.

I had this happen after I did the Options Export from R5 (everything!) and then Options Import of that file into V6. Somewhere in that long list is the AutoSave file location and afterward all my V6 autosaves went into the V5 location. I just left it that way and know where to look. I should change it back thought. Hope you didn’t do this!

After rhino 6 crash, i wanted to see if any of the autosave files had more information that the last saved file, when i found that i dont even have an Autosave folder on the location you described.
is there a way to know why or where my autosave files are?


check in your recycle bin, i recall a while back some users autosave files were found in there although i’m sure that may have been fixed, worth a check though :slight_smile:


You were right, the files are on my recycling been, I guess they haven’t fix it yet.

Thank you very much

When Rhino closes normally, the AutoSave file are deleted so they should end up in the “Recycle bin”.

OMG you just saved my life…
Thank you so much!

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