RHINO 6 Attribute User Text

I was wondering if there is a way to have Attribute User Text as a stand alone toolbar/panel that can be viewed at the same time as the Text page in the Properties as shown?

Thank you for your time.

Hello - no… is the goal to be able to interact with both or can the user text part be just information? If the latter, I can probably make you a tool to drop that information into the Notes panel or to the clipboard or both - not perfect but might help…


The goal is to be able to interact with both with out having to click a little icon to switch. Basically eliminate the switching back and forth. Thanks for following up and asking for clarification. Most of my ideas barely make sense to me.

Hi -

Could you explain in detail why you need to switch back and forth? I’m interested in the specifics of your workflow. I get that you want to see the object user text while working with that. Which information on which other tab do you need to check when you are doing this? In your screenshot you show the Text tab. Are you modifying the text string based on the user text? The other way around? Are your needs for switching back and forth limited to switching between the Text and the Attribute User Text tabs?

The main goal is not to switch back and forth between the Text and Attribute User Text tabs/icons. I really just want a stand alone floating window/toolbar that is only Attribute User Text.

Hi - I’ve placed this feature request on the list as item RH-62413.

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Thanks a bunch. It’s really nice that you guys are so active with the user/dev community.