Display user attributes by default


I’m using user attributes a lot and I was wondering if there is a way to make a properties tab that keeps the Attribute User Text tab active by default?

Right now, I can create a new file or open an existing and go to the tab once and it remembers my choice within that file. My tab choice is not saved with the file and it seems as if it cannot be saved with a template either.

It would be great if Rhino remembered this…


Hi Martin,

from Rhino 8 on you can open a second properties window, and switch the second one to attributes, which stays at attributes after reselecting the object.

Best regards


Hi Michael, I do have a second properties tab open already but inside the tab Rhino doesn’t remember the chosen tab (Attribute User Text).

After opening a new file, I need to navigate to the Attribute User Text icon once and then it stays for this file until I close it.

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