Attribute User Text

(Declan Halpin) #1


I can’t seem to find this panel…


(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Declan - it is part of Properties in V6/Beta:


See it?


(Declan Halpin) #3

Ah, ok. We aren’t able to get the Beta at work… ;(

1 - Does it include the option of a dropdown menu for selecting key values?
2 - Can you create Keys/Values on the fly?

I can’t wait to get my hands on V6!

(Pascal Golay) #4

Hi Declan - if you mean selecting objects by key/value, yes you can do that from a context menu.


(Declan Halpin) #5

No, I mean can there be a pre-existing set of values which can be selected for each key. For example:

Drop-Down Value List: Silver, 18KY, 18KW, 18KR

(Pascal Golay) #6

Ah, no, not that I know of, yet anyway - let’s ask. @Trav -what do you think?


(Declan Halpin) #7

I think the folks that would use this feature would really appreciate this capability.

(Travis Serio) #8

Hi @declan

Currently the DocumentText and AttributeText panels expose a UI for the commands SetDocumentText and GetDocumentText.

For your request some additional data creation/storage system would need to be created outside of the scope of those two commands (which could be done). How do you see yourself creating and managing those items?
Are you thinking some Rhino option dialog section for managing key value tables or something different? Is this data document dynamic? Assuming you want volumes, and additional math operations on volumes etc.


(Declan Halpin) #9

SetUserText and GetUserText would be what I’m actually after - so attributes could be specified per part, not per document.

Re: value tables, an ideal solution would be to reference an external .xls so we could update values once and they’d become options in the dropdown menus for all users dynamically.

Math functions aren’t that important.

Our primary goal is to have a PLM software have visibility to DocumentText and/or UserText so we can quickly pull up all files with ______ material, etc. We are trying to find the least painful way creating those attribute associations without having to SetUserText from scratch from the Command line. This new V6 functionality seems like a step in that direction.

(Travis Serio) #10

I think for today, without a custom plug-in solution tailored to your workflow, you could make yourself a quick toolbar that had your material descriptions as icons that when clicked would set your object attribute text to the selected object.
e.g. -_SetUserText Material Silver