Rhino 6 Antialias

Hello to everyone,
I am posting on the forum a comparison between Rhino 6 and Moi 3 screenshots of a same file, showing some curves in sequence. To the left Rhino, to the right Moi. Is it my impression that Moi Iines seem to be smoother than those in Rhino, despite the antialias was set to 8?


Hi Luca - thanks, I’ve changed this to the ‘Serengeti’ category.


Please post a screenshot of the settings in Options > View > OpenGL

Hi Luca,

If you get the chance, can you also compare Rhino 5 to the v6 WIP with the same file? Thanks.

Hi All,
Many thanks for your replies.
I attach screenshots, showing also Rhino internal settings, as requested. It is of course difficult to make a fair comparison between the three, because the workspace in Moi V3 is slightly different. On both Rhino 5 and 6 I had the Ghosted mode active, with curves width set to 2 pixels. In Moi, I used the default settings. Even the shading looks super smooth in Moi. I took all these pictures with the Snipping tool from Windows 7. I don’t know if on different graphic cards the antialias will look different.



I’m working on this issue over the next few weeks and will try to improve the wire AA quality

Hi Steve,
Many thanks for looking at this post.