Rhino 6.9.18271.20591

I have a user who updated his Rhino for Windows (OS is 7 x64) and now it crashes when launched. Has anyone else run into this? We are new to this software, so I’m not really experienced in troubleshooting it.

Hello - can you please have the user start Rhino in SafeMode (Windows Start menu, type “Rhinoceros” and look for and see if that works? If so, please have them run the SystemInfo command in Rhino (Help menu > System information…) and post the output here?


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Hello Pascal. I can certainly do this, but it was brought to my attention by support that running within VMware Fusion on a Mac is not supported.

Ahh, yep, that is true, though it does work in many cases. There may not be a lot we can do but I’d make sure the video drivers and Windows itself is fully up do date and try SafeMode…


I will try that out and report back ASAP. Thank you.