Rhino 6.8 and 6.9 froze because decal file was missing

I made a mistake of deleting raster file which was used as decal in Rhino model file. When I opened the Rhino model, Rhino froze and displayed black viewport. Task Manager could not stop Rhino, but it could make 1.4 GB dump file (named Rhino.DMP).

Happened also to me. Rhino6 can’t open a file if can’t find the reference images.

Hello - normally Rhino will save textures with the 3dm file. If you save without saving textures, delete one, and open the file you should see a dialog like this:
Here, while this is up, the viewports are black.

If you don’t see this and Rhino is sitting there with black viewports then my guess of the moment is that the dialog is open and off screen or behind some other window - which should not happen, of course.

So far I cannot reproduce the problem either with textures saved or not saved in the file.


This 3DM file hangs up Rhino 6.9:
DivideAlongCreases bug.3dm (94.4 KB)

Rhino viewport is black. The most likely cause is missing decal texture file. Windows Task Manager stops Rhino in about one minute.

Hello - So, you do not evert see the dialog telling you the image is missing?


I have seen something similar flashing for a small fraction of a second and disappearing. Permanent black viewport followed.

Hello - OK- just as a wild guess that might or might not help - Open Rhino, make the overall application window size quite small and then open this file - does that bitmap dialog show up maybe sticking out from behind the main window? And can you please try starting Rhino in Safe Mode (there is an entry for that in the Windows Start menu) and see if the file opens properly in that case?


You are right. The “missing image files” window appeared after I reduced the size of Rhino window and opened the 3DM file. I did not have to use the safe mode.

Hi @johnc - is this in your zone of influence at all? It seems like, in this case at least, the dialog informing the user about missing bitmaps does not stay in front of Rhino…? Or something. Any ideas how to trouble-shoot this?


This sounds like when some dialogs pop up behind the main window. Those cases pop back to front when pressing the Alt key.

This happens sometimes when Raytraced is running too, but I guess here it isn’t already? We’ve tried debugging such cases with @andy, but other than seeing it happen we haven’t found a solution. Our assessment at the time was that the internal message pump gets confused. But we don’t know still how to fix that.

@pascal This window is in the RDK but I didn’t write it. I can open this file with no problems.The Missing Images window appears on top and everything is fine. So I can’t repeat the problem either. If you log a bug, I’ll look at it as soon as I can, but from what Nathan says I can see it’s not going to be easy to figure out.

Thanks, I’ll make a YT item.