Rhino 6/7 Can't choose to run with integrated graphics

Hi, I recently updated Rhino 6 and tried 7, and I can no loger choose to boot it with integrated graphics, even if I set to it in windows and nvidia settings, it always use the nvidia card. My guess is that it has something to do with the cycles render and the CUDA support, but even if I choose cpu in the settings it still use it.

I’d like to know if theres a solution to these, as it’s an essential option when working on battery.

Thank you.

I don’t know if those settings have anything to do with Rhino…but if you ARE using raytraced with CUDA, your laptop power settings have no control over that, if Rhino’s set to use it, it will use it.

You’ll need to do this and also set your battery Windows Power profile for High Performance.

Thanks John,

Well, update, It looks like I can actually use the integrated graphics. The difference is that still my laptop tells me that rhino is using the the nvidia card.
I’m using a Surface Book, wich let’s you detach the screen when the nvidia card is not being used by a program. For some reason the app reads that Rhino is using it, but when working, it looks like its using the integrated as the task manager show no ussage for nvidia.