Trouble With Installing Rhino 6

I just got the Rhino 6 Evaluation 90 day trial, and I am trying to download rhino and it won’t even finish downloading, every single time an error pops up.

How can I fix this?

Please send a screenshot of the error so we have something to go on.

Hi - it looks like you are running the installer but say that you never managed to finish the download?
I would try downloading again and making sure that you get it all.
You can try this link:

Unfortunately, it’s doing the same thing.

What happens is half way when it is downloading it will stop and that error will pop up and then it won’t let me finish the download.

Can you attach the install error log? Thanks.

I think you have an antivirus or system protection tool getting in the way.
The installer has unpacked and staged the temporary files it needs to call on during the installation process, but your AV tool seems to be deleting the staged packages before the installation in complete.

You’ll need to temporarily disable your AV/system protection tools log enough to complete the install.

Another potential work-around is to click on the gear icon in the installer menu, and stage an “off-line” installation package.
Then try running that.

Either way, you’ll probably need to temporarily disable your AV tools.

I think that the installation does not start because the msi file of C: \ ProgramData \ Package Cache can not be accessed
Try running FixIt