Rhino 5 with touchpad/ trackpad

hi there

im using rhino 5 on a windows laptop and the toucpad/ trackpad isnt working.

I understand that I am meant to access this thru the ‘preferences’ but I cant find this anywhere??

I know this is very basic but could anyone explain in basic terms how I access the touchpad/ trackpad settings?


I don’t think there are any settings for that in Windows Rhino, there would only be settings in Control panel under Mouse - there’s probably a special settings section for the touchpad there…

I have an older HP laptop running Windows 10 and the trackpad works as it’s supposed to in Rhino 5.

thanks helvetosaur, I can get it to work generally but I want to get these settings operational:


but maybe this is just a mac thing? (im on windows 10)…

It is indeed. (just a Mac thing) – sorry.

thanks helvetosaur, thats good to know regardless. cheers

Hi to the developers of Rhino WIN, I would like to agree. Also from my point of view it would be very good, if Rhino 6 WIN could be operated on notebook trackpads similarly good as Rhino on MAC (depending on how good the input device is). Zooming works already, only Pan the view and Rotate the view is missing, right? Would it be possible to implement that?

Trackpads are usually called touchpads. I use ThinkPad W530 laptop computer. Its UltraNav touchpad can do everything that mouse can do. It can pan, tilt and rotate any view. The UltraNav touchpad should be able to scroll like the scroll wheel as well with gestures, but this feature does not work well. (I may need new UltraNav driver.)

thanks, now i got it, that on WIN touchpad “rotate the view” is with hold right mouse button. in contrast in MAC Rhino there is a trackpad (touchpad) option with a checkbox for “use two fingers for pan and rotate the view”, which I like very much and would also wish for WIN. (instead of the two finger zooming) i prefer the pinch to zoom. would be nice to have the choice.


You’re right, we would definitely need this feature !