Default layers

when i open rhino 7 i only get one default black layer. is there a way to make it so when you open rhino 7 multiple color layers you added in there automatically open when you start a new project? thats layer question one.

make your layers then save as a new template

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how do you save as a new templete?

File>Save as Template…

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is there a rhino icon you can change the new template to so it looks like the original one?

not sure what you mean by that. If you mean the image you see of the Rhino file itself: Rhino saves the active viewport as thumbnail image.

i figured it out.

ugh i thought i was being cool but now all rhino files are only opening with

what i set the OPENS WITH in the properties to.

everytime i open rhino 6 i get this error how do i get it to go away in the future?

thank you

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Did you read it?
It says you are missing image files, press continue; what do you get?

when i press continue it goes away and i can model

when i click the help link you post it takes me to the help page describing whats going on but it doesnt explain the fix

Well, where are the missing images? Were they with the original file? Did you delete them?
SEARCH= Search results for 'missing image files' - McNeel Forum

Hello - it looks like your default template is one made for matrix - you can pick a different startup template, or with this one, if you delete all the materials that have missing textures then SaveAsTemplate you should be all set.


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Hi Pascal, my goal was to be able to have the same layers in a rhino 6 template as i do in the matrix rhino 5.