Rhino 5 SR11 RC1 Available

Rhino 5 SR11 Release Candidate 1 is now available.

To receive release candidate updates:

  1. From the Tools menu in Rhino, click Check for Updates
  2. In the Updates and Statistics page, select Service Release Candidates in the Update Frequency drop-down box.
  3. Click OK.

Or, download manually.

Notable fixes in SR11:

  • Closest point to Surface of Revolution bug introduced in SR10 is fixed (RH-29213, RH-29215).
  • Back face culling for transparent surfaces in Technical modes would completely eliminate front faces if/when the mode uses the rendering material to shade the surfaces.
  • Display modes with transparent materials on one side of a surface work as expected now.

Here’s a list of what has changed.

Please report any problems on this forum.

hello there!!.
I am having troubles with installation of plugins. cause the instalation package engine doesnt recognice the files i am trying to install, i am talking about de grasshopper one. have anyone the same problem?

Hi Luis,

Do you have Rhino 5 SR10 or SR11 installed? If so, can you please post a screen shot of the error you see?

Hi Brian

I understand that there is a reasonably serious bug in SR11. Pressing
ESC when focused in the Material tab causes the material widgets
to disappear, and Rhino needs to be restarted to get them back. This is happening on Rhino materials as well as other renderer materials. Do you know the status of this issue?


Hi Paul - So far, I do not see this here in SR11, if I understand you-

I make a box, I apply Spherical mapping, and turn on the mapping widgets (is that what you meant?). So far I cannot find any way to use Esc that makes the widget turn off, no matter where my mouse is - can you give me a blow by blow, for dummies?



Hi Pascal,

The problem happens when you are editing a parameter in the material tab and you press ESC.
You can replicate the error by creating two different materials, selecting one and pressing ESC.
It happens with rhino and octane materials.


Hi Pascal. This has already been reported to McNeel - so should be in the bug tracker. It’s the Windows forms controls in the Material panel that disappear - sorry - I used the wrong terminology. I would give you a key-by-key reproduce scenario, however I don’t want to install SR11 unless I can roll back to SR10. Is there a roll-back procedure?



According to the dev responsible for this bit of code this bug won’t be fixed in V5.

Pascal, bug was logged as RH-29563, if you want to look that up.

edit I’ve been in contact with the developer again, and finally he also managed to reproduce the error. He probably is able to get a fix going, here’s to hoping it gets into an SR11 or something!

@johnc can reproduce the problem and is looking into fixing it, so it’s not in a “Won’t Fix” state anymore.

I am working on this right now. I should be able to get a fix in V5 which will be available in SR12. If it’s needed in SR11, I will have to consult Andy.

OK, good, so far, I am too stupid to see it…


Thanks for the help on this. Very much appreciated. Given it’s a reasonably serious issue, I will suggest users of my plugin stay with SR10 until SR12 is available.


@johnc, I think we should put this in SR11. @andy can you please help?

I have merged this fix to SR11 and asked Pascal to thoroughly test all the content editors.

Got that, thanks- I’ll check the next build.


Does this version support SLI again?..