Rhino 5 SR9 RC3 Available

Rhino 5 SR9 Release Candidate 3 is now available.

To receive release candidate updates:

  1. From the Tools menu in Rhino, click Check for Updates
  2. In the Updates and Statistics page, select Service Release Candidates in the Update Frequency drop-down box.
  3. Click OK.

Or, download manually.

The only change since SR9 RC2 is to fix a bug that broke several features in RhinoGold, and perhaps other plug-ins as well.

Here’s a list of what has changed since SR8.

Please report any problems on this forum.

It seems the IOR value box in the Materials panel disappears when the panel is reduced to a certain width.

I’ll make sure @andy and @johnc see this.
Thanks for the heads up

This is deliberate. It was changed for SR9 in response to another discussion:

If this is still not satisfactory for everyone, seems we’re going to have to give it a little more thought.



So Amazing, thanks guys!

@BrianM Are you just noticing this or is this actually causing an issue with your workflow?

Hi Aaron, no it doesn’t affect my workflow as I know it’s in there, maybe the IOR should have it’s own row beneath the transparency row

I have changed this so that the IOR value now goes onto a new row when space is too tight to fit it comfortably. This should be available at least by Rhino 5 SR10.