Rhino 5 SR 12 - Issues still not fixed?

Hi everyone.

Yesterday i begin to start testing new release of Rhino 5 SR12.
Unfortunatly i found the same CLIPPING PLANE missing edge issues like it was in Rhino 5 SR11 or Rhino 5 SR9.
Here are some sample examples:

PS: in the past i have reported the same issues, in this post, surprisely with identical file:

Another issue:
Why BLACK color wont result as BLACK color? What did i do not understand? Do i made something wrong?

RH-29956 and RH-29955 both have their Release Target set to Future. They are assigned to @stevebaer.

As for the color, you can read this thread to see that this is intended behavior.

Hi there.
Thanks for your reply.

In fact, both RH-29956 and RH29955 it was a previous report sent by me.

I hope this kind of small issues, became fixed in next release or in new version of Rhino 6.

About the color BLACK or WHITE i understand the concept of Rhino after i read that THREAD.

Thanks for all your help.


Hello again.
I found other issue, this time is about Shadows option.


    Nvidia GTX 780M 4Gb GDDR5 - Drivers Updated + Windows 7 Pro x64

This first image as you can see, incorrect shadows result. The problem was because i have a surface plan above the object. And this surface have 2000x2000m square.

This image here, shadows are correct. But i have to remove the surface plane square.

On this image, shadows are all correct. But i change that surface plane and made one from GROUND PLANE OPTIONS.

Why Rhino still have issues on drawing Shadows quality?
I don`t know anything about programing or code, but unfortunately i have to say that Sketchup still have more accuracy on drawing shadows.