Clipping plane on render shows weird stuff

I wanted to export an isometric section as a floor plan of a project, but some bugs are showing up. As you guys can see, in the viewport everything is normal but when I render it, some weird stuff shows up. Any idea how to solve it?

This looks like an instance of RH-62567 Artifacts with Clipping Plane.

I have added this thread to the report.

I am having this issue as well. It is an issue with Raytracing and Clipping Planes. Should I make a post about it as well so you can log it as a report?

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No need to add an extra report. I already have this logged.

Same issue on Rhino 7 SR 33

This is fixed in Rhino 8 (currently in beta).

Hi Nathan. Could the fix be backported to 7 SR 35? - That would be greatly appreciated

Unfortunately no, the codebases are not compatible.

Could you give me an idea of what triggers the artifacts, so we can avoid them if possible?