CLIPPING PLANE missing EDGES - Rhino 5 SR 11


I am testing Rhino 5 SR 11 (last version) and i realise that this common clipping plane issue didn´t disappear. Clip Edges wont show correctly. I have try it with every views possible. Different edge colors. Other pipelines (windows or OpenGL). Exploding objects. And correct naked edges of solids.

Please see it with ZOOM.

Can you select the objects that don’t show the clipped edges as well as the clipping plane and then use the command Export to save just those selections as a separate 3dm? If you can post that file, I’ll take a look. Also please check other display modes that are set to the defaults and have the clipping plane edge display feature enabled.

NO… the problem persists… Some times rhino draw the clipping edge. Other times dont.

please, look at the HEB Steel beams. The IPE smalest ones, rhino draw the clip edge. And for surprise, the Big Beam wont show correctly
this is another example bmp.

This happens when i use - viewcapturetofile- Some solids is ok, other dont. I´m getting frustrated. :frowning:

I haven’t been able to reproduce this here so the file will be good to see. I’m wondering though in the meantime if you can try the command ScreenCaptureToFile. Is that any different?

Yes there is.

  • screencapturetofile - doesn´t aloud to choose resolution. And because of it, the result of screencapture is in poor quality image

    Have a look with the same ZOOM. … this is a -screencapturetofile- image. Compare for your self with the others above.

do you have gmail?
I could send the file via MEGASHARE HOSTING

WAIT 15 sec and click Link
then come back to say if you receive the file, please.


Did you receive my file?

Apologies on the delay, I’m GMT -4 and was close to signing off for the day and didn’t get to your file. The site where you uploaded it also has malware advertising on the page so I’m reluctant to download from it honestly. Can you please use to send us the file?

UPS… sorry about that malware… I have BIT DEFENDER TOTAL SECURITY 2015 install and updated, and he doesn`t detect that malware.

Otherwise, i post the file here, but this time trough WeTransfer (just download the link)

This file is smaller then previous. Just the structure. And it still missing clipping edge, specially if i try with -viewcapturetofile command (with scale more than 1)

If you find te solution, without loosing quality output image, or without using make2d.

Hello again.

Here are another example. This is a small one… very clean, and just solid polysurfaces. AND THE CLIPPING PLANE still not show clip edge correctly.


Any HELP… or another version of RHINO please !! this clippingplane issue is freaking me out. I can not beleave this Rhino Software can not handle sections drawings without need a plugin!!!

Hello BrianJ

Do you find the solution?

“all the bests”

Thanks for the simple test case. I only see missing edges when scaling the output using -ViewCaptureToFile. I’ll file this now as a bug. I also noticed in this file that the clipping fill doesn’t work at the current objects scale but does if you scale it up in the model. This seems like another issue that I want the developers to look at.

In the meantime, here’s a workaround I found. Draw a line using two end snaps on the clipping plane. Then from a view perpendicular to the clipping plane, use Project to project the line onto the model. Immediately group the resulting curves and use a custom pixel thickness for curves while also disabling clipping plane edges in the display mode.

Thank you very much BrianJ.

I do not remmeber very well… But i think this clipping plane issue have minor troubles in Rhino 5 SR9

I hope new Rhino V6 come with clipping plane fixed. That and other small things that are important too. Perhaps with better shadows quality too. Or Regen viewport. Or Better improvement in Intel Core CPU and GeForce opengl capability.

Anyway… A big thanks to you.