Rhino 5 RElease 2013-10-22 crashes

Hello Everyone,
Today I started Rhino 5 and it suggested an update… ok let’s go for the update.
SInce Rhino didn’t start at all, even after computer restart or in safe mode. Start in safe mode, just show for a short time the Rhinoceros Banner.
There’s no Rhino process viewable in Task manager (except McNeelUpdateService)

Anyone with the same problem? I’m stuck in my work: I have to made some CNC cuts today :-/
Rhino 5 32 bits Version 5.6.31022.17415 10-22-2013 French Version
Plug-in: Rhinocam
Windows XP SP3

Did not tried to reinstall from DVD yet…


I did a full uninstall, Download the last Full release and installed it.
It solves the problem.

I can try to finish my job at time !

Argh same here, I don’t want to go backwards to the last full release,
McNeel you guys guna fix this?