Latest SR causes Rhino to crash on start up win xp

Rhino latest SR crashes when I try to run Rhino, crashes in safe mode too, This is on my windows xp computer.
Sent in crash dumps no reply to them from McNeel.
Also manually downloaded the sr and tried a repair and fresh install and still same thing crash Rhino won’t Run.

Version 5 SR6 32-bit
(5.6.31022.17415, 10/22/2013)

Running XP here on latest SR with no problems.

Looking at it now Roland.

This is something the guys in Seattle will have to sort out. I’ll mark it as urgent.

I have the same problem after the latest update. Rhino appears in task manager for a few seconds then disappears, I don’t get a crash report or any error messages. Tried safe mode, i see the splash screen for a second then Rhino closes down.

Running on XP.

Please try running a Repair on the 32-bit Rhino in the Control Panel applet.
We think this might fix it but please let us know what you find.
Thanks for sorry for the hassle.

Belay that.
Repairing the 32-bit build will not fix the startup problem.
@brian is working on the fix and we’ll let you know.
Sorry for the frustration.

I’m sorry for causing these problems for you - it was entirely our fault for not doing enough QA on this release.

A temporary workaround is to two do things:

  1. Delete C:\Program Files (x86)\Rhinoceros 5\System\Rhino_DotNet.dll
  2. Repair the installation of Rhinoceros 5 in Control Panel.

This should put the correct version of the file on your system.

All automatic updates have been disabled for this build, and we’re building a replacement now.

Thanks to everyone for your quick replies and help.
Brian that worked perfectly, and I didn’t have to re install anything, custom rui files and customizations made to Rhino were intact
Thanks for your quick help and for the easy fix.