Rhino 5 freezing on Windows 10 bootcamp

I’m running Rhino 5 on Windows 10, which itself is running on a 2017 iMac via Bootcamp. Both Windows and Rhino are both fully up-to-date.

The problem I’m having is that my computer will frequently (on average once an hour or so) freeze while I’m using Rhino. While I’m working, my cursor will stop moving and the only remedy is restarting via holding the computer’s power button. This does not happen when I’m not using Rhino. Neither does it seem tied to any particular action or command. It happens even when working on relatively simple models.

Any ideas what might be going on? Any help would be much appreciated as this is having a very negative effect on my workflow (as you might imagine!).

What display adapter does your iMac have?
Rhino Options > View > OpenGL has the details.


The ATI Redeons are pretty bad in Windows. You could try an updated driver, but I suspect you’ll need to go into Rhino Options > View > OpenGL, and uncheck the option for using accelerated hardware modes.

Any better?

I’ll give it a go, thanks!

So tried this but the obvious problem with it as a fix is that it drastically reduces the graphics performance in terms of both appearance and speed.

This hasn’t yet been an issue with any problem on this computer aside from Rhino… suggests there might be some kind of glitch?

The problem is the AMD division says the Radeon cards are for Windows DirectX based gaming. They expect you to purchase an AMD FirePro card for Windows based OpenGL applications like Rhino.
The rock and hard place is Mac no longer offers a system with a display adapter that runs Windows OpenGL.
I have an old 2010 MacBook Pro with an nVIdia GeForce adapter on it. There are good Windows drivers for it so other than a keyboard that is less than convenient for Windows, it runs Windows very well.

Here is a link to the details about display adapters for Windows Rhino from the System Requirements page:

Ah ha very interesting. Wish the answer was more helpful for me but thanks for the explanation!

We do expect Windows Rhino V6 to work pretty well on most Radeon adapters.
Have your tried the V6 WIP?
If not, now is the time to jump in assuming you own a permanent Windows Rhino license.