Rhino 5, display problem

Hi, I’m having some display problem, pls help…

(Here, extrusion object showing weird wireframe while on shaded mode…)

(executing ConvertExtrusion command, the object back to normal preview)

(But when I try to create another extrusion object and assigned it to a layer. This happens…
The object disappears and left a wireframe that is unselectable…)

Hi - you started this thread in the Grasshopper category. What is the Grasshopper part of this issue?
Please run the Rhino SystemInfo command and post the result here.

Sorry about the wrong category, this is all about Rhino issue. I tried to run the SystemInfo but returns “Unknown command:”

If you try “sySteminfo” you may have better luck.

// Rolf

SystemInfo does not exist in V5, only in V6. post a screenshot of your Options > View > OpenGL page perhaps…

Sorry, it’s just a typo…

I’m having same problem in Rhino 5 since I made some hardware changes. Problem persists in all display modes.