Crashes when using extrusion

I have a problem with my rhino. I recently installed the program anew with the latest downloadable version. But everytime i try to use extrusion on a curve the program crashes. I have tried to reinstall the program but the problem still occurs. Anyone else had that problem / know how to fix it?

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Have there been other changes to your system?
Does it also crash when all visible viewports are in wireframe mode?

I reinstalled my entire system not so long ago. Due to a malfunction on the computer.
It also crashes when all viewports are visible.
But the extrusion works when i am doint it via the gumball.

Very odd.
Please run the About command and take a screenshot of the splash screen.
Then in Options > View > OpenGL, take a screenshot of those settings too.
Return in the images in a reply.

When Rhino crashes, does the Rhino crash reporting system come up asking you what you were trying to do when Rhino crashed? If so, have you been sending them in?

Can you tell us about the general details of your computer?

Hi, thank you for the response. I am still facing the problem. When the program crashes, windows is showing up with an error message, saying the program does not respond and closes down, after that. There is no rhino crash report showing up.

Then I suspect the crash is actually happening in the nVidia display driver, leaving an orphaned Rhino with no display pipeline.

See if this helps:

Basically, update your display drivers and make the two nVidia Control Panel setting changes detailed at the bottom of the Support document.