Rhino 5 64bit installation


I just try to install Rhino 5 on my new Windows 10 64 bit labtop but only the 32bit version as been installed.
I can’t find the 2 versions as on my other computers.

I really need the 64bit version to run maxwell plugin…


We see this once in a while when the 32-bit version installs but the 64-doesn’t. Both are supposed to install.
This error usually happens when the Microsoft Installer Service is old or compromised when the Rhino installer is run. It’s pretty simple to get sorted.

Windows should be ALWAYS be fully up to date with “important updates” using Windows Update before installing software.

Start by running Check for Updates multiple times until Windows reports it is up to date.

Then complete the following:

1 - Use 7-zip to unpack full version V5 executable you downloaded from the Rhino Web site into C:\Temp\ using the option to preserve the folder structure.

Then run the following msi file:

2 - C:\Temp\Installers\rhino5setup_en-us_x64.msi

When you’re done you should have a ‘Rhinoceros V5 (64-bit)’ shortcut on the Desktop.

Any luck?


Thank you for your message.

It finally works after installing the last version of “Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable”. That’s bad that it is not a native part of the new versions of windows 10…


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Not really.
Think of these redistributable packages like plug-ins for Windows itself. If the tools are not universally or at least widely needed, then these packages are installed as prerequisites for the application, so Windows has the tools in place that the application needs.
Normally, they install without any issues.
When they fail, it’s usually because of some unexpected problem with the user’s system.