WIndows 10 64bit Install Issues

I just installed Rhino 5 (5.12.508.10.13095) on a Windows 10 64bit machine. It looks like the 64bit version partially installed - it runs but was missing it’s toolbars and default plugins (no windows shortcuts, etc.). The 32bit version installed fine. The guys working on the station were able to use Point Set Deviation earlier today (even though I had to manually load it), but for some reason it has completely stopped working: Window comes up, but shows 0 points selected… PointSetDeviation was also broken in the 32bit version when we tried that. OS Restart didn’t fix it…

On top of the partial install I should also note that this was the first run of a custom c++ 64bit plugin - which seemed to run fine and I wouldn’t expect that it could mess up Rhino like this (breaking point set deviation). I am just adding points to the current document.

Has anyone else encountered anything like this on Windows10? Is there a way to repair the 64bit installation or to cleanly install it for Windows 10?

Any advice greatly appreciated.

Ok, after checking in again with the users, PointSetDeviation is fine… Long story short: user error, threw 'em a curve ball with a millimeter setup when they are used to working in inches… Would still like to know how to install Rhino5 64bit cleanly though.

Hi Tom - it seems like occasionally running Rhino as Administrator will magically clear some cobwebs - you might try that - close all Rhinos, right click on the icon for 64 bit and choose Run as Administrator.


Thanks Pascal,
I’ll give that a try.