x64 installation?


Hi All,

I am having trouble installing a 64bit version of rhino on my new 64bit computer. Currently, only the x86 version installs. I have downloaded the latest full install of rhino from the site, (rh50_5.5.30912.16275). I’ve attempted to reinstall but again, only the x86 is installed.

Has anyone faced this problem? Is there a seperate download for the 64bit? Is there an installation setting I am not getting right?


(David Cockey) #2

What version of Windows? The 64 bit version of Rhino requires the 64 bit version of Windows.


Is your OS 64 bit?



XP64? If I remember me right it’s not supported anymore.

(John Brock) #5

We see this problem a fair amount. It almost always turns out to be because the user’s Windows was badly out of date with “important” updates from Microsoft, before attempting to install Rhino.

Most of the time, running Windows Update multiple times until there are no more of these Important updates queued up, then running the Rhino installer again, solves the problem.

Also, if your Rhino product is an original SR0 or SR1 version, downloading the full installer from the Rhino Download page is a good idea. The new installer has several important fixes.


Hi All,

Big thanks for all the feedback and suggestions.

To share, the solution was twofold;

1 - updated windows 8 to its latest version (thanks john!)
2 - ensured that installer was run as administrator and was not installing under any compatibility settings.

for point 2, this was done by right clicking on the installer, > properties > compatability
uncheck anything that alludes to installation under windows xp compatability.

hope this helps someone else.