Rhino 5 64 bit running slow on windows 10 home

Everything from startup to using any tools in the program is slow. Lag can take up to 2min. It’s not crashing or freezing. It’s just running extremely slow, even with simple shapes. Runs perfectly in safe mode. Tried disabling Flamingo Next and it didn’t resolve the problem. Intel graphics card is up to date. Need help resolving this issue so I can design again.

Hello -

did this just change for the worse then? Did you make any changes to your machine at the same time? What is the date on your video driver - can you post a screen shot of Options > View > OpenGL page?


Hey thanks for the help haven’t made any changes

Here’s a shot with accelerated hardware modes on

Is it possible that a Windows update was installed at some point not long ago?
Your GPU drivers are from 2016 - aren’t there any more current drivers?
Are you running any other plug-ins that do not ship with Rhino?

You could try to check if all Windows updates are installed correctly, reboot, and re-install the most recent GPU drivers.

Note also that that card dates from 2011, and from what I see is not officially supported on Windows 10… The last driver I see from Intel is from for Windows 8.1 / 2015 (older than the one posted), so the current driver might be part of Windows 10… or from some third party.

Hey Wim. I checked for updates to the GPU driver (through device manager) and there weren’t any. I also checked directly through the Intel website, it scanned my system and said no software updates are available.

I was using Flamingo Nxt plug-in, but recently disabled it hoping it would solve the issue, but no luck.

All windows updates are installed correctly.

Hi - Can we take one step back again? Pascal asked you if things changed for the worse but I don’t see an explicit answer to that question. Did Rhino 5 previously run fine on that system?

Hey Wim. Yes, Rhino 5 ran fine up until a few months ago. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Intel graphics driver, but it didn’t change anything.

Helvetosaur might be on to something because the latest driver update available is from 2016 for Windows 8. Is it possible that I need to buy a new graphics card that is compatible with windows 10? But then how does that explain why it worked a few months ago? I’ve had windows 10 for a few years now.

Actually not - the latest update on the Intel site was from 2015 and that was for Windows 8.1. There is no listing for a later driver than that, and nothing for Windows 10. So I suspect that the driver you have from 2016 is something that Windows 10 might have installed during an update.

If you’re adventurous, you might try setting a system restore point, download the 2015 Windows 8.1 driver, then uninstall the 2016 driver on your system and install the Windows 8.1 driver. Don’t know if it will work, but I saw some people who said they did that. If that is bad, you can roll back your system to before the driver install.