Rhino 3D model on mobile browser or and app

Trying to find out the feasibility of following flow using Rhino3D?
Browser/App -------->WebServer ( our portal )------>Rhino3D -->Generates 3D images
Browser/App <--------WebServer ( our portal )<------Rhino3D (Generates 3D images)

User ( app/browser ) ----->Open Google maps–>pin coordinates of place ( 4 coordinates ) ------>send the info to portal on server ( Java/PHP/Python) -----> Use Rhino 3D----->Generate 3D image ----> send image/pdf back to the User ( browser/app)

Without any more information or details, I’ll say this is feasible. We have customers using Rhino as a back-end for some web services.

Before you roll something like this out, you’ll need to verify you are in compliance with our license agreement.


– Dale