Rhino as an engine

Our company is looking to create a customized web interface for Rhino that has a tight, specialized set of controls specific to our needs that can send commands to Rhino and then receive data back in some form (even if it’s just reading/displaying a rendered file). Ideally this would use a single installation of Rhino as a “server” that could be accessed by multiple clients at a time (obviously this would change the licensing model a bit but that’s fine with us) so they can show live demos to clients without having to install and run the full program on their device. Since BYOD is becoming so popular, maintaining separate installations on personal devices and training every user in every function is out of the question, so a browser-based streamlined interface would be ideal.

Can Rhino be customized to perform this task somehow? If not, are there any other software packages that can? We can do some development on our own but if there’s already an option out there we don’t want to reinvent the wheel.


Not sure if this would help, but:

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This this reply to a similar question, help?