Rhino 2D CAD Export for Layout sheets

Hi there,
I am using Rhino 7 . I need to Export CAD layouts similar to my PDF exported from Layout. for data sharing to clients.
Tried Vector PDF then reimporting in Rhino. however it gives unnecessary huge size. it doesn’t recognise any linetype. also doesnt read dimensions . and it is not to scale drawing. so no use.

Tried make 2d for Layout. I need to run make 2d for each detail viewport. and also not possible as it takes whole model to trace every time for each detail in layout. This method is time taking .also need to hatch for coloring elevation if required.
manual hatch
(Attached Rhino file. Exported CAD File. and Layout PDF for the Same) Link

It needs to be one way to trace all Detail views in one run which will generate 2d traced details in original scale inside model space which can be fit to layout detail viewports.

Do anybody find similar issue? this looks major issue if any one presenting using layouts. no way to share proper 2d cad for the same.

I have a concept Rhino should have command like “export 2d layouts.” or “Print CAD” in Print Dialogue box which will generate CAD file with 2d Traced details in model space and layout in layout space.

Autodesk revit software does cad export need similar function in rhino also. attached revit steps for reference
Revit CAD Export Steps.zip (1.7 MB)