Rhino Installer Engine - Creating an Installer


I’m trying to make an installer for a test plug-in that I prepared in VB.
Compiled the script using: Rhino Script Compiler for Rhino5, first Beta

The Plug-in Works fine via drag&drop installation.
Unfortunatly when I do the following: http://wiki.mcneel.com/developer/rhinoinstallerengine/authoring

The “rhi” file does not seem to be a “compatible package” as rhino says.
I can share the rvb and rhp files.


Hi Ahmet - you can try repairing Rhino’s inatallation from the Control panel- right click on Rhinoceros 5 (64bit) for example, and choose ‘repair’. Otherwise, you can manually associate rhi files to

“C:\Program Files\Rhinoceros 5 (64-bit)\System\x64\rhiexec.exe”

(or x86 in a neighboring folder for 32 bit systems)

Does that work?


Hi Ahmet,

Please review the authoring page:

Your RHI file does not contain the folder structure required.

Thank’s for your replies and happy new year!

@pascal I’m ok with executing ‘rhi’ files via Rhino Installer Engine.
@dale I tried the folder structure as you mentioned, (altough i don’t think it is compulsory for creating a ‘rhi’) but did not worked, same error.

Attached ‘Weather.rar’ includes:

1- ‘Rain.rvb’
2- ‘Snow.rvb’
3- ‘Weather.rhp’
4- ‘Weather.rhi’

Weather.rar (2.8 MB)

Make sure to “zip” your files using the ZIP format. RAR compression and ZIP compression are not the same thing. I use WinZip to create RHI files. Other tools, such as JZIP will work too.

@dale attached rar is just to stack the source files. Could you have the chance to check ‘rhp’ and ‘rhi’ files?

Have you tried using WinZIp?