Revolve bug?


I’m doing a 360 revolve from the origin point with a closed curve and getting an open polysurface why is that? If I explode the revolved plysurface and join it I get a closed polysurface.

Revolve.3dm (2.3 MB)

Hello - Run SimplifyCrv on this curve, then revolve it - I see a couple of the sub curves are microscopically not on the X Axis but I mean very very microscopically, off - Simplifying does not make this different, so it may be a red herring but it does allow the revolve to work. I’ll send this to the developers for a look, it does seem like it ought to make a closed thing.


There is a rational cvs at end of a segment with weights == 1.27
Changing the weight of that cv to 1.0 eliminates the naked edge.
Also possible red herring

I think those curves were made from a projection but I can’t recall. Not sure if that helps with anything.