How to fix hey guys, so i am doing the hair dryer project and i am using pc sim’s video to understand sweep2 rail function and revolve function as well as making sure my surface continuity is better… In the later part of the project i gotta have to split the objects i have made, then make the changes needed for the surface continuity and then mirror the objects and join them whole again. I was not able to split one of the objects, i tried to troubleshoot and see whats the matter. As i was redoing i noticed when i revolve a shape it was not close polysurface even it revolve it 360. So i tried to revolve it 180 first and tried to cap. thats when i saw this glitch. I tried another method of duplicate edge and then i create a plane tangent of the edge and still the have this gltich. Any advices for me?

Post a .3dm file of what you have done.