Bug:? Revolve polyline makes single surface

When revolving this polyline around Z I get a single surface. Why?

If I explode it I get 7 line segments.

For some reason “split at tangents=No” and changing this to “Yes” makes it behave propperly, but there are NO tangents.

bug revolve makes single surface.3dm (20.5 KB)

Hi Jorgen- see if the CreaseSplitting command is set to Split=No…?


It is set to NO.

Jørgen, I take it you’ve put it to YES now?

Nobody knows why this is happening… but I suspect that this is a bug in Rhino itself, as it also happens on the Mac side…


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FWIW, mine was set to yes and I don’t go in there very often / at all. Old habits hard to break and I always explode a curve with a fillet in it before I revolve (and I revolve all the time).

No I didn’t, this was on my laptop and I didn’t know what was default.
I presumed it was NO since I have never altered this. And I have never seen this happen since V4 WIP either.

On my workstation it is sat to Yes.

Thanks for helping out!

If you scan the forum, you will find various posts about this phenomenon, we get one about once every couple of months or so…


Thanks, must have missed it! :smile: