Revolve issues

The first model does not have any naked edges, but once i try to add smth like this inner rim i get naked edges. why is that?

Revolve problem.3dm (696.8 KB)

Hi Matt - I am not sure what you are asking. The black revolved object is not connected to the other object in any way. It has no thickness, and the larger watch body has no available naked edges to join to. What are you trying to do? The edge of the revolved object does not match the nearby edges of the watch body very closely, so even if you remove the top part of the body, the face will not join in cleanly.



I am trying to add this “red” inner shelf/rim to the model by going to the front view and just add it on one side with polylines and revolve. i use the osnap. but everytime i end up with naked edges. it s like the lines i am drawing arent snapping.

Rim.3dm (291.2 KB)

Hi Matt - try BooleanSplit of the body with the red object. Does that get you the result you need?


Pascal, that rim does not look good anyway, ill try another way. but the problem with the revolves that i have are constant. if i want to add smth to the model, shouldnt i just go to the front view and add polylines and revolve?

the hinches (the area where the wrist band for the watch are attached) needs to be closed off, so i go to the front view and add a polyline and revolve. it works but it doesnt look right and i end up with naked edges. this happens all the time, why is that?

mRevolve Issues2.3dm (549.4 KB)